Set in the picturesque village of Wilcot in the heart of the conservation area and an area of outstanding natural beauty, just 100 yards from the Kennet and Avon Canal, stands The Golden Swan as it is now.

History tells us that a pub called The Swan stood at the Southern corner of the village green from 1746 at the latest. The pub was moved brick by brick to its current location on the Eastern corner of the green in 1859. It has the steepest thatch in Wiltshire and became The Golden Swan. The Pearce family of Wilcot have been famous for generations in the county as Thatchers. Family tradition demands that baby boys (and in this day of equality maybe the girls as well) are taken on a ladder up the steeply pitched thatch of The Golden Swan.

Wilcot won the best kept village award in 2006, 2009 and 2017 and indeed was voted ‘Winner of Winners’ in 2010. The village was originally part of the Wilcot Manor Estate until being sold in July 1919, the new owners of The Golden Swan being Ushers and Co. Wadworth and Co. purchased the pub in 1926 and own it to this day. The original sale documents list the pub as having 4 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, bar, shop, kitchen, pantry and offices. Outside there were cart house and stable, nag stable, cart shed, piggeries, a shed for 3 cows, a bake house, wash-house with boiler and a corrugated granary.

A brief history and list of incumbents

VCHW. Vol X Researched by Richard Giles

John Tucker 1822-27

George Wild (Census 1841) 1841

Christopher Matthews (Kellys, Census 1881) and grocer + baker 1848-89

Edwin Phillip Nutley (Kellys) ‘Golden Swan + grocer’ 1889-91

Charles Hollister (Census 1901 and justices records) 6 day licence 1901-03

Anna Maria Hollister 8th July 1904

Walter Howse 31st March 1905

Edwin Walter Hockey 14th October 1927

William Walter Robertson 7th February 1936

1937 New Ale Licence

Thomas Alfred Docker 29th December 1950

George Edgar Halsey 14th August 1959

Albert Charles Herbert 26th March 1965

Peter William Schoffield 26th March 1971

Dick Gilbert 7th December 1979

Simon Richard Flight 6th February 1981

Terence John Weeks 28th July 1989

June Max February 2006

Peter Tasker February 2007-11

Dave and Pat Coupland September 2011-to date